I have created over 150 individual marketing newsletters for Hoehn's eight different brands. These newsletters boast an impressive opening rate that averages around 45% and are one of our largest sources of site traffic after organic and paid search results.
Designing promotional newsletters every month presents me with numerous challenges and ongoing questions, including:
Q) How can I push the limits of each newsletter to make it visually exciting while working within the strict constraints of our CRM's document creation tool?
A) I utilize all potential tools at my disposal, including animated GIFs, tables, HTML styling, and custom creative imagery generated in Adobe software. However, I must be careful to balance imagery with plain text to limit potential blocks by spam filters.
Q) How can I ensure that the needs of each team are met?
A) Before laying out each newsletter, I reach out to the head of each department with a list of potential topics based on customer trends provided with data through the CRM. The department heads respond with which of my ideas they want to move forward with and add their ideas as well.
Q) How can I improve the customer's experience?
A) Responsiveness across devices is key. We cater to a diverse group of customers and need to make sure the email is readable across devices through text size, and optimization for devices set in "dark-mode".

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